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Receiver school aims to be a one stop shop for complete wide receiver development. 

How it Works


Step 1: Phone Call or Text

Contact us to set up your intro session.


Step 2: Introduction Session

Heavily discounted intro session helps us evaluate your skill level and show you the high quality of training you will be receiving.


Step 3:Package Selection

Now that you have Receiver School training credits, you can view our weekly training times and book slots that work best with your schedule. You will be added to our private messaging group for all training updates and information. 


Step 4:Reach Your Full Potential

Lets begin your development process. We have designed Receiver School to be a complete wide receiver training company so that you can reach your full potential and separate yourself from the competition. 

Training Packages



3 In Person Training Credits


All Pro


6 In Person Training Credits

SAVE $30

All American


10 In Person Training Credits

SAVE $100

Route Running

Route running is one of the most difficult aspects of playing wide receiver. It can take years for a wide receiver to master this craft because of the details to it, which is why we help athletes develop the necessary skills as soon as possible.

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Being a great receiver requires impeccable footwork, which is why we put a huge emphasis on developing footwork techniques. Our expert training will increase your ability to develop fast twitch muscles to improve route running and the ability to get open.

Quickness / Agility

Quickness and agility drills will help you elevate your sports performance by enabling you to stop, start and change directions quickly, allowing you to get open and past your opponents.

Hand-Eye Coordination

Football is a fast-paced game, which requires a lot of focus and concentration, especially at the wide receiver position. Being able to catch the ball is a must at the wide receiver position, which is why we develop eye and hand movement.

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