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To ensure personalization and a high level of coaching only 20 Wideouts will be accepted.

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Join a cohort of wide outs from around the nation and compete to reach your full potential!

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  • How can I Join the 6-week program?

    Click the "Checkout" button at the top of the page, or any of the other buttons above to begin the purchase process. We will get in touch with you shortly to clarify all the details.

  • How does the program work?

    Once you join the 6-week program, you will be added to our private messaging app for all communication. You will also have access to our phone number for any questions and concerns. The program will follow a progressive curriculum with video and audio lessons, as well as multiple live ZOOM calls to go over the program and more.

  • What do I do if i'm having issues?

    If you have any issues or confusion, please reach out to me at 813-590-5665 or shoot me an email to .moc.liamg%40loohcSrevieceR (Sean Gavin)

  • Do you have a money back guarantee?

    If you're not satisfied, we're not satisfied. We believe that our program will bring great value to your development as a wide receiver. In fact, if for any reason you're not completely satisfied, we'll issue a full refund.

  • What equipment do I need?

    The most important thing for you to have are agility cones. They will be used most. If you have access to a ladder or hexagonal agility rings then you will use those as well. 

  • What if I don't have the required equipment?

    If you do not have the necessary equipment listed above, then no problem! You are not the first person to have this issue and I will always have an alternative so that we can develop you with whatever you have. If this is an issue for you, then please reach out to me prior to the start of the program so I can make the necessary adjustments for you.

  • Do I need a Quarterback?

    Not having a quarterback is the biggest struggle as a wide receiver who is looking to train. A quarterback is NOT required for the 6-week program. If you have one, great, do the catching drills that are provided. If you do not have a quarterback then you can work on your hand-eye coordination with our 36 Tennis Ball Drills video to stay sharp.

  • When does the program start and end?

    The 6-week program will start on June 14th and will end on July 25th.

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